Veneroni Propeller pump E SeriesE Series

Veneroni S.r.l. have planned and carried out the propeller pump type E after many years of experience in the pumps manufacture field.

The pump type E is very versatile, in fact it can be used for different works necessity. It can be installed in vertical, horizontal or inclined position. The pump can be constructed with different materials considering the liquid to be pumped. The rotor has adjustable blades when the pump is stopped, with E60 type machine operating. For testing the pumps, Veneroni Pompe have a modern testing-room with an installed power of 400 kW with a water tank and four pipes DN 125, DN 250, DN 500, DN 1000, which allows to measure flow rates 20.000 mc/h.

The drive-room is provided with modern measure instruments, which allows to work out all the data rapidly and with the best precision. So Veneroni Pompe can always offer better machines to their customers and a warranty of quality and reliability.

E Series

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