Mobile pumps Series AT

Series AT

The mobile pumps series "AT" have always been used all the time for direct crop irrigation. After having tested their flexibility and efficiency qualities, they are also widely used by land improvement co-operatives and emergency pumping station in case of flooding. Linked to the hydraulic lift of the tractor, they are operated directly by the power takeoff with a cardan shaft.

Thanks to hydraulic or manual rotation of the delivery pipe, it is possible to horizontally set to 360° the flow direction. The vertical adjustment of the delivery pipe occurs either by means of an absorber slowing the descent of the pipe during the machine start, or manually by means of a single-acting hydraulic jack.

Turbo Pumps Series ET

Series ET

The experience grown with the propeller pumps series E, has enabled us to develop the mobile pump series ET: great rate of flow (more than 800 l/s) with a remarkable energy saving (up to 40%). The mobile pump series ET is unique in its category, as it is able to offer great rates of flow together with limited energy consumption. This was possible by applying hydraulics of the propeller pump.

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