Rovatti Submersibles

Ravatti Submersibles

Radial and mixed-flow multistage electric borehole pumps with incorporated retaining valve and stainless steel external casing for EC, ERC, ECX series.

Perfect solutions for deep waters

  • Through a wide range of electric borehole pumps from 6" up to14", Rovatti pompe is able to offer the perfect solutions for water supply and boostering for irrigation, municipal and industrial applications.

Efficiency and reliability

  • Designed with advanced technical solutions, entire E-ER range of electric borehole pumps is able to offer high efficiency, maximum reliability, ease of use and running economy.

Trouble-free operation

  • The robust construction and the high quality materials ensure longlife functioning, trouble-free operation and the total lack of maintenance.

Wide performance range

  • The availability in radial (6ER-8ER-10ER) and mixed-flow (6E-7E-8E-10E-12E-14E) version con meet a wide performance range both for capacity and pressure.

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