Standard Lateral Move

Two models to match your operation

Standard Lateral Move

If you've got a square, rectangular or "Lshaped" paddock, a standard lateral move irrigation system brings more of your crop into full production. With a choice of water supply and guidance systems, each system can be customised to your individual needs and situation.

Hose fed

  • Supplied with water through a large diameter hose attached to a pressurised mainline.
  • Pivot and or towing options for use on adjacent paddocks for increased area.
  • Uses 2 wheel or 4 wheel cart (depending on paddock size) with 102mm 153mm or 203mm hose.

Ditch fed

  • Can use existing ditch at paddock edge or one in the centre
  • Ditches can be unlined or lined with concrete or plastic and can accommodate grades up to 1%
  • Depending on ditch type, water is supplied through a floating intake or a floating self cleaning fliter screen.
  • For a concrete ditch, a travelling weir assembly is available.

Standard Lateral Move

Pivot can easily handle offset fields and adjacent fields utilising its pivoting feature Increase irrigated land up to 98%


Accurate Guidance Systems

Three guidance systems are available to match the needs of your paddock.

They include:

  • Furrow
  • Above ground cable
  • Buried cable

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