Pivoting Lateral Move System

Increase your yields by making better use of your land with a Zimmatic GEOlateral irrigation system. Apply the correct amount of water at the right time uniformly, in every part of your paddock. Furrow irrigation systems fall short in this area, providing too much water in some areas and not enough in others. But the easy to use, economical and reliable hose fed or ditch fed system can replace your wheel line or flood irrigation systems for better results year after year.

Pivoting Lateral Move System

  • Ideal for under-utilised land and irregular paddocks
  • Reduces labour costs as much as 70%
  • Decreases energy costs through low pressure application
  • 50-70% water conservation over furrow irrigation.

Flexibility for your paddock

  • Up to seven towers plus overhang equals a total machine length of up to 408m for maximum coverage
  • Able to irrigate multiple crops
  • Zimmatic standard, medium and high clearance tower options to meet specific crop height needs
  • Available pipe in 16.82cm or 20.32cm diameter

Reliable Guidance System

  • Machine follows ground level guidance furrow while pulling a water feed hose
  • Furrow guidance system which provides positional data to an onboard controller to ensure accurate tracking
  • Full safety shutdown built into control and guidance system
  • End of hose shutdown to save water

Versatile Dependable Cart

  • Pivoting lateral hose fed or ditch fed with engine generator set
  • Electrical pull cable option for hose fed only
  • Exclusive Zimmatic collector ring designed to eliminate water flow restrictions
  • Four wheel versatile common platform - hose fed allowing for 219m hose
  • Six wheel high traction platform - hose fed allowing for 280m hose
  • Ditch fed model for concrete ditches utilises a travelling weir assembly

Accurate Guidance Systems

Three guidance systems are available to match the needs of your paddock.

They include:

  • Furrow
  • Aboveground cable
  • Buried cable.

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