Idrofoglia Irrigation Systems

The range of Idrofoglia Irrigation Systems includes irrigation machines and motor pump units for agricultural sector production. There are three versions of the irrigation machines, known as "Turbocar": fixed "Jolly" version, Turntable version and Hydraulic version. The wide range of "Turbocar" includes also irrigation machines with incorporated motor pump.

Motor pumps can be without roof, with roof and netguard other than Silent, Full-silent and Lux versions. Motor pump units are produced with different engines (Iveco-Deutz-John Deere-Lombardini) and pumps (Caprari-Rovatti) and with a wide range of tanks.

Jolly Turbocar


The JOLLY range is ideal to irrigate small areas, such as small fields, public areas or sport grounds. The models of this range are equipped with fixed chassis, that is, the drum is always turned to the same direction. Thanks to the very low pressures, use praticality, small dimensions and the exclusive "foldaway trolley lift", the JOLLY range is at the top of its category.

Turntable Turbocar

Turntable Turbocar

The wide range of TURNTABLE TURBOCAR MODELS is ideal for small and large farms. Thanks to a turntable situated between the lower chassis and the chassis of the drum, the Turbocar models make opposite and intermediate irrigation without being moved. All the turning models are equipped with trolley lift and adjustable staker legs.

Hydraulic Turbocar

Hydraulic Turbocar

The HYDRAULIC TURNTABLE MODELS are the top of IDROFOGLIA’s production. They are equipped with hydraulic control panel driven directly by the tractor. The machines use the tractor in order to move the jacks of the 2 wheels, the trolley lift and the shaft. With these devices we can lay down the machine on the ground and with the turntable, situated under the structure, we can rotate the whole machine, irrigating to different directions without moving it. The irrigation is made with the machine fixed in the ground.

This solution gives to the big machines great stability during the hose rewinding.

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