Extending your Irrigation Reach

Field Plus Joint

Not every field is a perfectly square quarter-section. Outbuildings, natural obstacles or irregular boundaries can also prevent traditional pivots from irrigating portions of some fields.  The FieldPLUS - a Zimmatic exclusive - allows producers to bring more acres into production in irregularly shaped fields or in fields that contain immovable obstacles.

  • Pivoting joint
    The exclusive FieldPLUS joint can be placed at any tower allowing the creation of a system that is customised for a particular field.
  • Nylon Bearings
    Spans can pivot up to 165⁰ in either direction on nylon bearings that ensure smooth operation and enhanced durability.
  • Watertight coupler
    Standard 6⅝ inch (168mm) coupler allows unrestricted flow with a secure, water tight seal.
  • Automatic realignment
    The pivoting joint assembly automatically realigns the entire system, allowing it to function as a standard pivot.
  • Barricade
    The tower stops automatically when it reaches the barricade, while the outer spans continue to operate.
  • Outer spans
    Spans can continue up to 1,000 feet (304.8m) past the joint, bringing large, previously unreachable areas of land under irrigation.
  • Works with existing systems
    The FieldPLUS pivoting joint can be quickly and easily retrofitted to most existing Zimmatic irrigation systems
  • GPS
    Add the power of Growsmart PGS Position System for more precise control of water and chemicals - and add irrigated acres to increase your ROI.
  • Multiple FieldPLUS joints
    For ultimate flexibility, multiple joints can be used on a single machine.