Bay Irrigation Company Profile

Bay Irrigation has been supplying irrigation equipment throughout New Zealand started when the owner needed to irrigate his own crops in Hawke's Bay in the early 1980's.

From there a number of relationships with suppliers throughout Italy and France were made over the past 20 years. We believe we now import and distribute the best irrigation equipment available from around the world.

Bay Irrigation's main focus is on Mobile Irrigation Equipment, particularly Hard Hose Irrigators and Motor Pumps.

The mobility of these machines has earned themselves a place of high regard on agricultural fields, pasture, municipal parks and the like.

To meet the needs of our existing customers, Bay Irrigation also commenced importing Centre Pivots. We now import, supply and construct Zimmatic Pivots in the North Island along with designing turn key projects.

The products and services we provide are far wider than shown on our website.

If there is anything you need in the Irrigation field, please contact us.

Bay Irrigation Profile