A More Precise Corner System - Featuring Smartchip Technology

9500CC Custom Corner

With its unique alility to create a custom irrigation program based on your field’s characteristics, the 9500CC Custom Corner system delivers application rates with the same uniformity you get from your center pivot.

  • Smart Chip Technology
    After completing an initial “mapping rotation” the 9500CC “remembers” every unique aspect of your field, adjusting its application rates accordingly.  This results in a far more uniform application pattern than ever before
  • Master Area Planning (MAP) software
    This software allows your Zimmatic dealer to design an irrigation system for virtually any field.  By inputting your field’s unique characteristics, your dealer creates a computerised model of your land, allowing him to build and test a virtual irrigation system without turning a single wrench.
  • High-Flow joint
    9500CC’s exclusive High-Flow joint transmits water internally without the need for a leak prone hose.  In addition, the new joint’s simplicity results in longer life and reduced water friction loss.
  • Sprinkler packages
    Utilising a rapid-cycling concept, the 9500CC’s sprinkler banks turn on and off according to the corner’s swing angle.  This proprietary feature improves application uniformity by allowing a customised water program to be selected for the user’s field, based on its location and other characteristics.
  • Steerable corner arm
    The 9500CC’s steerable corner arm has a maximum extended reach of 280 feet (85.3m).  Depending on field shape, this extra reach allows you to bring between 23 and 51 more acres (9-21 ha) under irrigation.

To take advantage of the SmartChip function, your pivot must be eqipped with the FieldBoss control panel.


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